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About Us!

Experienced versatile Design Engineers operating from the UK.
As most of the team are mechanical designers, we have been modelling complex 3D parts for over 25 years. From components for aircraft, automotive and the oil & gas industry. This would include steel structures, tunnel boring machines, engines, F1 cars, and  many automotic components.
During 2014 we were offered the opportunity to assist with a large BIM projects.  Since then, we have been creating MEP systems & buildings for the building industry.
We can  be on site quickly, digitally scan areas and produce accurate 3D models using Inventor, REVIT, SolidWorks & CATIA. Then produce required drawings for manufacturing or installation.   


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How BIM Coordinates your project

UK Based design professionals

Solid3D are long established West London based design engineering and BIM specialists.  We have had the privilege to provide our services across a wide variety of projects in several sectors for the last 30 years. In 2014 we built a new team and collaborate on various BIM projects across the world. From intial 3D digital scans to production of required 3D models & drawings.

Adaptable long term CAD and BIM specialists

Having been involved in the engineering sector for a long time we were well placed to become early adoptors of the CAD and BIM revolution.  Many years later,  this long term knowledge gives us the ability to adapt to a large variety of projects.  Our engineers have a wealth of experience from small scale engineering projects to large scale comercial contracts.  We pride ourselves on providing consistant high quality output in multiple 3D design diciplines.

Join the BIM revolution

Dedicated to your cause

Dedicated to helping construction and engineering firms expand their CAD, BIM modeling and detailing capacity, we have provided design and technical expertise to companies across the UK and beyond.

We are your resource to help you complete more projects and instantly scale your productivity without the financial and human resource challenges involved with directly hiring additional staff.

We tailor every project to match your unique engineering requirements, delivering designs to you that are specifically suited to your needs.

Whether it’s new construction, retrofits, upgrades, or a design/build mechanical system, our experts will design the perfect configuration for your project.

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Cost effective solutions

Our streamlined and hardworking approach means we can deliver effective solutions in the minimum timescale.

We endevour to keep our costs to a minimum meaning we can provide solutions at a budget to suit you.

Whether you are an individual looking for a little help with an engineering or building project or a large organization looking for extra design manpower, we can help.

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Solid3D for CAD Solutions

Design Coordination

Throughout the engineering and detailing pre-construction process, our engineers, project managers, and technicians can collaborate with you or your contractors to provide CAD & BIM models to assist with contruction and installation.

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