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Our long standing presense in the industry has allowed us to gain wide ranging services covering most apects of 3D design and engineering. We have experience using 3D software including CATIA, Solidworks, REVIT, Autocad & Inventor.
From product & family 3D creation to complete product & system design using 3D techology. 

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BIM Management and Coordination

Solid3D offer a range of BIM management solutions for organisations and users who are either new to BIM or in need of additional capacity for larger projects.

Whether your requirements are to create a BIM model of an existing building for ongoing property management, analysis, a refurbishment project or a completely new building, our BIM consultants have the skills to help you construct, manage and analyse your BIM models.

Primaraly woking with REVIT ,our experienced team are capable of converting existing architectural and structural engineering plans, mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) and fire system drawings into 3D BIM Models.

Our Building Information Modelling services allow our customers to begin working with BIM straight away, providing a solution for organisations wanting to start using BIM but who do not want the additional cost of bringing the skills in house.   We can provide :

Architecture Layouts
Electrical Layouts
Mechanical Layouts
Domestic Water Layouts
Public Health Layouts
HVAC Layouts
Utility Survey Layouts
Telecom, Data & PA Systems Layouts
Coordination drawings 

Expert CAD & Drafting

CAD and Design Services

Solid3D delivers a full range of CAD services for planning, design, implementation to maintenance at an unparalleled standard of flexibility. As a trusted, long-term CAD outsourcing solutions company we have expertise in building high quality and cost-effective services related to CAD design, 2D drafting, 3D modeling, and more. With our vast experience in this field, we provide services including layouts, manufacturing, shop drawings, instrumental diagrams and FEA analysis.

Based in London, our expert CAD drafters and MEP Design Engineers can convert conceptual sketches to adaptable 2D drafts and 3D CAD drawings using the latest software, tools and platforms including INVENTOR, CATIA, and more. Our team of specialised design engineers deliver 2D drafting, and 3D CAD drafting and modelling services that comply with code requirements and specific standards such as BS. Equipped with high-performance workstations and industry-leading CAD software, our engineering facility is capable of carrying out a wide range of projects.

Interior Visualization

3D Modelling & Visualization

We offer a comprehensive 3D modelling service. Our technical expertise results in highly accurate 3D models, from small objects to large buildings and structures, we have a wealth of experience to provide you with detailed and life-like models. 

To date we have undertaken a wide range of 3D projects including modelling aircraft, boats, buildings, motor vehicles, streets, industrial plants and natural environments.

The models have been used in everything from CAD and BIM applications to simulations, promotional media and gaming.

We can also use various rendering packages to produce realistic visulaizations.

Oil Rig Cloud Data

Point Cloud & Laser Scanning

A point cloud is a large collection of points acquired by a 3D laser scan to create highly detailed 3D representations of existing buildings or components.

Clients will often come to us with point cloud data, which includes excessive data that’s not needed in the model. We can clean up this extra data (scaffolding, trees, people, cars, poor lighting etc.) using specialist point cloud software such as ReCap Pro and Leica Cyclone. This clean up results in a much more refined model.

We can also use our own laser scanning technology to collect point cloud data and form the basis for CAD & 3D Building Information Modelling. We use the latest software including Autodesk Revit,  and Recap to create coordinated and attributed models, if 3D rendered visualisations are required then Enscape is also used. All of the modelling is done in-house by our specialist staff.

This model can then be used for building modification, design and planning, asset and property management or collaboration between multiple disciplines.

Settup up for a Laser Scan

Laser Scanning Advantages

Remotely capture data from potentially hazardous sites, e.g. motorways or structurally unsafe buildings.
Fast data capture; critical on sites with limited access, e.g. crime scenes. 
Complete data collection enables further investigations without costly returns to the site.
Reduces the costs and downtime associated with construction rework, site revisits and field changes.
Lower cost as-built and topographic survey method compared to alternatives.
Improved accuracy and precision reduces the risks associated with project execution.
Highly-detailed data improves decision-making and engineering designs.
Enables factory fabrication, as opposed to field fabrication.
Enables 3D Modelling and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

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